Patoka Pugs 'n Kisses
Health Guarantee and Contract

Buyer Responsibilities:
*  Have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. (Seller/Breeder must be informed immediately of the examination with results in writing or by fax,signed by the veterinarian and buyer. The failure of this will result in the cancellation of this guarantee.)
*  Provide puppy with routine preventive care, such as, but not limited to:
       1. Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian.
       2. Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and deworming.
*The buyer agrees to care for this dog feed quality food  and provide fresh water at all times, house the dog properly,(INDOORS) take dog to licensed veterinarian at least once annually,or more often if necessary(and more often in puppy's first year,as needed) maintain vaccinations and any other veterinarian recommended health care, and control dog,keeping dog safe by means of harness and leash when in public and when off the premises of the dog's home. (Collars used with a lead/leash may apply pressure on the trachea which can be harmful,or even life threatening for a pug. We recommend that a non-snug collar be worn with I.D. tags,rabies tag,etc, but a harness be used with a lead/leash. Buyer understands that pugs often slip out of collars so for this reason also,a harness is recommended) The dog's outdoor area will be secure or acceptable provisions will be made to assure the dog is safe any time he/she is outdoors. Buyers will see to dog's proper physical,social and emotional care and welfare. The buyer must agree to house the dog INDOORS and understands pugs overheat more easily than most breeds. If the dog is found to be living in poor health or poor conditions,kept outdoors (the majority of the time), or allowed to run freely, running at large, creating a public nuisance,in danger, in a mass producing kennel or in a "puppy farm"/"puppymill" the seller/breeder has all right to gain repossession of this dog from buyer,at no cost to seller. Any and all court costs associated with this action will be paid by buyer. This dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion animal and is not to be used for any type of mass production,ie:"puppy farm"/"puppymill", kennel, dog farm or any other mass production situation. If puppy is sold with Full Registration with Breeding Rights, females are not to be bred more than once annually and not before 18 months of age.
*Puppy may not be returned for any condition that the buyer has been made aware of at the time buyer acquires puppy .(note will be added on contract if any condition is present)
* A 200.00 non-refundable deposit will be required to "hold" a puppy.
(In the event that a buyer pays a deposit prior to birth of puppies, and upon birth there are not enough puppies in litter and/or buyers choice of color and/or sex is not available, or buyer would prefer to choose from a future litter,the  deposit shall be retained for a puppy from a future litter)
Health Guarantee:
*  This puppy is guaranteed for one year against fatal and severe life altering congenital disease which adversely affects the health of the animal. This includes severe hip dysplasia and/or luxating patellas, which hampers the movement of the dog and natural gait and requires surgery to correct, kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, and liver problems of a severe, life threatening or altering nature. (Pug must not be grossly overweight for this guarantee to be in effect.) If the dog dies within this one year time frame, the buyer will pay to have it autopsied to ascertain reason. If reason is proven to be congenital, the Seller will replace the puppy.
*  This guarantee does not cover disorders which may occur in the pug breed and are not considered life altering nor serious: including but not limited to: entropion, skin allergies, elongated soft palate, and stenotic nares (collapsed nostrils).
This guarantee does not cover umbilical hernias,which are easily correctable and often resolve on their own around six months of age.
*  All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. We do not give refunds.
*  Seller will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Buyer is aware that owning a puppy requires veterinarian care and understands that he/she will be responsible for all expenses.
*  As of the date of delivery, the puppy has received proper vaccinations and dewormings. The buyer has been informed of these and of future vaccinations and dewormings due.
*  This guarantee does not include Coccidia,Giardia and Kennel Cough, which may occur in puppies, and is treatable. Coccidia is a parasite common in puppies in groups and is easily treated. Kennel Cough is self limiting and like the common cold, it must run its course. Full recovery is expected and Kennel Cough on its own is not life threatening. Giardia is also treatable .Giardia is found in soil, food, water, or surfaces that have been contaminated with the feces from infected humans or animals.Several community-wide outbreaks of giardiasis have been linked to drinking municipal water or recreational water contaminated with Giardia .
*  A puppy showing any serious,ie: life threatening genetic or congenital defect will be replaced as follows:
Animal must show the defect by one year of age. Seller must be notified of the problem within 2 business days of the licensed veterinarian determination and have two reports from two unassociated veterinarians stating the same problem,at buyers expense .Any veterinarians diagnosis shall be subject to confirmation by a veterinarian chosen by seller,at sellers expense.Should said veterinarian not concur with the diagnosis,the matter shall be presented to a veterinarian mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller,with cost of that examination to be paid by buyer. Once diagnosis is confirmed ,seller will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value. Buyer understands that seller does not have many litters per year, and that there may be a waiting period before a replacement puppy is available.
*  A puppy with a defect must be returned to the seller to qualify for a replacement puppy.As puppies change in appearance greatly as they grow, DNA testing will be necessary to confirm puppy was purchased from seller,at buyers expense.
*  No refund, in part or in full, will be given.
*  A returned puppy must be returned to the seller in good condition, other than the specified problem, confirmed by veterinarian at the expense of the buyer. The owner will then qualify for a replacement puppy. 
*  Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the seller on a replacement puppy.
*  This guarantee applies to the original puppy and buyer only and is nontransferable to a second party.
*  No replacement puppy will be given if the puppy has been bred, spayed, neutered, or euthanized without permission of the seller.
*  Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents of original puppy.
*  There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee.
*  Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury is not covered under this guarantee.
*  There is no guarantee or warranty that the Buyer will be able to show or breed the puppy regardless of show or breeding potentials.
*In order for dog to be eligible for replacement, buyer agrees to DNA testing, to confirm dog was acquired from and purchased from seller,at buyers expense.
*In the event you are ever in a situation where you are forced to give up the dog at any point in time, for reason of your own health, personal reasons such as moving, or for any other reason other than health of dog, you agree to notify us,giving us "first right of refusal". Once dog has been examined by veterinarian at buyers expense and found to be healthy, we, seller, will then resume ownership of puppy/pug, at no cost.(We, the sellers, may, at our discretion, pay what we feel is a fair price for dog to buyer,depending on age of dog, circumstances involved, etc.) Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs. We would desire that you either place the dog in a good home,once we have been first notified, or return the dog so that we may resume ownership.
We are sure that you understand that it would be unbearable for us to see one of our puppies end up in a dog shelter or even in "Pug Rescue" . This agreement also guarantees you, as a new responsible owner, to have a loving home for your dog in the event of an unforseeable emergency.
*Sellers Disclaimer:
As Seller is only guaranteeing above puppy as a healthy companion pet & that the puppy's pedigree is correct to the best of Seller's knowledge, Buyer agrees not to hold Seller responsible (except for congenital/genetic defects guaranteed & covered, as detailed above) in any manner in the unlikely event that a problem might arise from puppy's pedigree.

We do NOT ship puppies.
Puppy will be delivered between eight and twelve weeks of age. Most will be delivered at eight weeks old, but some may need a little more time and will be delivered later. Nanny delivery fee,if available and necessary is 300.00. If we have to deliver ,due to distance,delivery fee is the cost of one round trip plane ticket. If we deliver by auto more than 60 miles, fee is negotiable.

*  This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements.
*  This contract is null and void if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.
*  Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois, in the county of Marion. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be in Marion County,Illinois.

If you have any questions, need help or any advice concerning your puppy, please contact us at any time. We would very much also appreciate any opportunity to learn about the further development of your puppy to support our effort to breed excellent and healthy pugs.  It is our wish that your puppy will bring you many years of happiness!


BREED_______________ DATE OF BIRTH________________ SEX/COLOR_______________

SIRE__________________________________________   SIRE REG.#________________

DAM___________________________________________   DAM REG.#_________________
This puppy is sold with Full AKC Registration With Breeding Rights: Yes / No
Seller Signature
This puppy is sold with Limited AKC Registration: Yes / NO
Spay/Neuter required :Yes / NO
Seller Signature___________________________________________
(If Spay or Neuter is required, proof of spay/neuter,in form of Documentation signed by Veterinarian who performed spay/neuter, is to be received by seller before AKC Registration papers will be released to buyer. Buyer is responsible for cost to spay/neuter)