Pug Puppy Application
 Thank you for your interest in our pugs!  We love our pug babies very much and seek to find the very best of homes for each and
every one of them! If you don't mind, we have a few questions we would like to have answered by our "Prospective Pug Families".
We feel this is important .Please be aware that adopting a pug may mean a commitment of 12-15 years(some live to be even older!)
and as an addition as a family member,should not be taken lightly.


Telephone Number:

Email Address:
Do you currently own a pug?
Have you owned a pug before?
Why do you want a pug?
Are you familiar with the Pug breed?(ie:  Do you know anyone with a pug? If yes,have you spent any time with that pug?

Researched the pug breed, etc?)

Are you aware that pugs shed?

Are you aware that pugs snore?(I personally love this about them but some may not!)
Is your puppy/pug going to live in your house?
Are you aware that pugs overheat more easily than other breeds and  should  be an "indoors only" pet?
Is your house/apt air conditioned?
Will there ever be a time that you would leave your puppy /pug unattended in your yard?

If yes: Is your yard fenced in?

If not, do you intend to take your pug outdoors while only on a leash with a harness and attended  to at all times while outdoors?
Did you ever lose a pet due to an accident ?  If yes,describe accident.
What precautions did you take or will you take to avoid recurrence?
Will your puppy/pug be left in the house for extended periods of time while you are at work?
If puppy is left alone while you work,appx how many hours per day and days per week would he/she be left home alone?
What arrangements will you make for puppy's/pug's "home alone" time?(ie :left out in house, crated, baby gated or confined to one

room for example)
Do you plan to have anyone "check in" on the puppy/pug during  those times of your absence?

If so,how often?

Have you considered "Doggy Day Care"?
Are you planning to take your puppy/pug to training/obedience classes?
Do you travel frequently ?
If so, will puppy/pug travel with you?
If not, who will care for your puppy/pug during times of absence?
Have you owned dogs before ?

How many dogs(and/or other pets) do you currently own?

Type and ages?
Did you ever have to place an animal in an animal shelter?

If yes,what were the circumstances at the time?
Did you ever have to find another home for a dog you  have owned in the past?

If yes: What were the circumstances at the time?

Do you intend to keep your puppy current on vaccinations?
Do you plan on spaying/neutering your puppy?
Do you currently have a veterinarian?

If yes, name of veterinarian,address and phone number:

If not,have you found a veterinarian that you plan to take your puppy to?

Telephone Number:
Do you have children?

If yes,ages:

Number of adults in home:
Would you mind listing 3 personal references,along with telephone numbers,and city/state that the references live in?(Please state

relationship,ie: employer, pastor, etc, for example)
Thank you for your cooperation!
Patoka Pugs 'n Kisses



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